6 Things to Do Alone on Campus at FSU

By Lexie Pitzen | Photo: Florida State University Libraries

College is a time to meet new people and try new things, but it also gives students the perfect opportunity to try out new things alone on campus. Check out these 6 things to do alone at FSU.

Go for a walk — Wander around campus by yourself to find new routes to class and explore hidden spots. Walking kills time between classes, but a long walk at the end of the day is very relaxing; the energy on campus palpably shifts as the sun goes down. It’s the most peaceful time of day and a valuable moment of calmness.

Get to know your city — A well-rounded college life spreads past the confines of campus. Get to know the real city around you by visiting local parks, small businesses, and attractions off campus. There is more to Tallahassee than its colleges—think Cascades Park, Railroad Square Art District, Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, and the Florida State Capitol. Dedicate some time to exploring your world beyond campus.

Go to a museum — Visiting a museum is a wonderful thing to do alone at your own pace. During my first semester at Florida State University, as I was adjusting to living in a new place, a solo trip to the FSU Museum of Fine Arts was one of the first experiences I had to make me feel independent and at home at FSU. The museum is walking distance from FSU, and my FSUCard got me in for free. FSU students can also take advantage of free admission to nearby museums like the Museum of Florida History.

Join an organization that you don’t know anyone in — The confidence to join a group without knowing any members is key to personal growth. Go to a club fair or research student organizations on your school’s website to find a group that interests or is meaningful to you. FSU has hundreds of academic, religious, professional, volunteer, and recreational organizations to choose from, including the Adventure Club and the Flying High Circus.

Go to a concert — I used to think I’d feel uncomfortable going to concerts alone; I assumed I’d have more fun with a group of friends. But when I started going to small Club Downunder shows and local concerts alone, I discovered the joy in soaking up the atmosphere at live shows and tuning into every lyric and note of each song. I’ve treasured sharing some concerts with friends and family, but some of my most memorable shows were alone, completely immersed in the experience.

Go to the gym — FSU students can visit the Leach Student Recreation Center as well as the smaller Fitness and Movement Clinic. Take advantage of free classes like Spinning and Total Body Sculpt or meet with a fitness coach to develop a workout plan. Exercise is an essential part of caring for yourself, and it’s a healthy, productive use of alone time.

Study — Studying with friends is fun, but there are certain assignments that demand total concentration. Sometimes, you need to study alone. Settle into a peaceful study spot and commit to deep work—you will be amazed how much you can accomplish with just a few hours of uninterrupted focus.

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