5 Ways to Pass Time at the Tallahassee Airport

By Lexie Pitzen | Photo: Tallahassee Government

If you’re a student at Florida State University, you will likely end up at the Tallahassee International Airport at least once, either to fly home or to a spring break destination. I live far enough from Tallahassee to fly in and out of the airport a few times a year, and though the airport is small, I’ve found my favorite ways to pass time while waiting for to catch my flights. Here are several of them. 

Get coffee at Tuscan Sun Coffee House I stop by Tuscan Sun Coffee House every time I fly out of Tallahassee. Tuscan serves decent cold brew coffees and lattes for reasonable prices. If I’m hungry, to save the most money, I get coffee and a bagel (the cheapest meal you can get at virtually any coffee shop). But, if you’re willing to spend a bit more for a satisfying meal, try the chicken salad sandwich; it’s refreshing and surprisingly tasty.

Search for Tallahassee souvenirs for your family — The last thing you want to do at an airport is spend more money, but shopping—even window shopping—is an easy way to pass time. Look around the Paradies Gift Shop for apparel and other gifts for family and friends.

Read local publications Reading local publications is one of the best ways to get to know your city outside of campus. Pick up a copy of a local newspaper or magazine to read at your gate. Look for places and events you’ve never tried or read local profiles to learn more about the people in your surrounding community.

Eat at Live Oak Grille — Live Oak Grille has a surprisingly large menu, including their chef-recommended mac and cheese. If you’re hungry and have time to kill before your flight, sit down and enjoy a meal. Add a dessert like the “Chocolate Thunder,” a brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Catch up on homework If you like to get to the airport as early as I do, you probably end up with roughly four hours to kill before boarding. As a college student, the absolute best way for me to spend this time is to catch up on homework. Before flying home for spring break, for example, I finished all of my homework for the entire week at the airport. Once you get food and get bored, find a spot at your gate or the comfy chairs just past security, and try to work.

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