5 Basic Ways to Support the Tallahassee Community Every Day

By The Tally Wire Staff | Photo: Experience Church

There are several basic ways to support the Tallahassee community every single day. From shopping local, to taking care of the environment, these simple acts will help the Tallahassee community thrive.

Dine at a locally-owned restaurant — Going out for a meal? Opt to try a locally-owned restaurant instead of a chain restaurant. You are sure to make that restaurant owner’s day!

Plant native plants — When landscaping, make an effort to plant flowers and other plants that are native to the area. There are several locally-owned nurseries and garden centers in Tallahassee that have plenty to purchase. 

Try the locally-owned option — Instead of hitting a popular big box retailer when you are shopping for items, stop by a locally-owned shop or boutique if you can. If you are getting a haircut, try out a hair salon near you. If you are looking to spruce up your home with art, commission a local artist.

Pick up litter — Help keep Tallahassee clean by picking up— and disposing of properly—any litter that you may come across. Find out what and how to dispose of waste in Tallahassee, here, and what and how to dispose of waste in Leon County, here.

Try the local farmer’s market — Head on over to a farmer’s market near you and purchase locally-sourced produce and other items. This allows you to support local farms and help Tallahassee farmers thrive. 

What are some other basic ways that you can support the Tallahassee community?

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