5 Indoor Plants to Get From Tallahassee Nurseries

By Cristi McKee | Photo: Tallahassee Nurseries

Local award-winning nursery, Tallahassee Nurseries, located at 2911 Thomasville Rd, offers not only landscaping services, gifts and gardening tools, and flowers and trees, but also a plethora of indoor houseplants. If you are interested in expanding your indoor garden or beginning one, check out these 5 indoor plants to purchase.

Orchids — There are a number of beautiful orchids, or orchidaceae, to choose from at this nursery! These flowers require a relatively low amount of care and boast of long-lasting blooms. They can be found in the greenhouse at Tallahassee Nurseries.

Photo: Tallahassee Nurseries

Succulents — If you are looking for succulents, Tallahassee Nurseries is the place to go! A multitude of succulent varieties are available there, most of which are easy to maintain and are perfect options to spruce up an indoor space.

Photo: Tallahassee Nurseries

Prayer plants — Prayer plants, or maranta leuconeura, are indoor plants that are available for purchase at this nursery. These rhizomatous perennials like humidity and only need to be fed about every 2 weeks.

Photo: Tallahassee Nurseries

Air plants — Air plants, or tillandsia, are common houseplants that are relatively easy to care for. Found in the green house, these plants need occasional care and are often hung from ceilings.

Photo: Tallahassee Nurseries

Snake plants — Snake plants, or sansevierias, are another type popular houseplant that are tough and require fairly simple care. Tallahassee Nurseries offers these plants in a number of sizes in their greenhouse.

Photo: Tallahassee Nurseries

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